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MTSU Fermentation Science Analytical Laboratory


What products can be analyzed?

The MTSU Fermentation Analysis Laboratory offers the most commonly requested analyses for fermented beverages such as beer and carbonated drinks, wine and distilled spirits. All currently offered analyses are included in the MTSU Marketplace.

Who actually conducts the analyses I order?

The MTSU Fermentation Analysis Laboratory is operated as a commercial and teaching laboratory, and is managed by a professional laboratory manager. Some of the analyses may be conducted by Fermentation Science majors who are supervised by the laboratory manager.

Are additional tests available?

Additional (non-listed) analyses may be possible to conduct but special arrangements must be made. If you are interested in special tests, reach out to us to inquire about availability and cost.

Why was this laboratory set up?

MTSU is the only university in Tennessee, and one of only a handful in the United States that offers an academic program focused on the science of fermentation. Unlike most other programsthat exist today, our program covers all aspects of the use of fermentation, including probiotics, foods and beverages, waste water treatment, medicines, and biocatalysis. Beer, wine, cheese, and other food product production is taught, but these are not the focus of the program. The science of fermentation is the same, regardless of what is being produced.

Our students are preparing to work in the fermentation industries or in the regulation of these industries, and they need to understand both the products of fermentation and the analysis of them. This laboratory offers analytical services to the commercial and private producers of fermented products within and beyond Tennessee, and provides for the training of our students at the same time. Sending samples to this lab supports higher education (generally) and fermentation science education (specifically).

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