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MTSU Fermentation Science Analytical Laboratory

Fermentation Analysis

The MTSU Fermentation Science Analytical Laboratory is an integral part of the Fermentation Science undergraduate degree and the Master of Science in Professional Science, Fermentation Science emphasis programs.  Although the laboratory has a full-time manager, undergraduate and graduate Fermentation Science students are employed to conduct requested analyses, which provides them with invaluable experience beyond the classroom.  In addition, certain Fermentation Science courses utilize the laboratory as part of the curriculum and extensive faculty research is conducted in the facility.  As you can see, this is a very busy and vitally important component of the Fermentation Science program at MTSU.

By purchasing laboratory analyses from the MTSU Fermentation Science Analytical Laboratory, you support MTSU, the MTSU College of Basic and Applied Sciences, the MTSU Fermentation Science degree programs, and MTSU Fermentation Science faculty, undergraduate and graduate students.  Your support is critical to this program because we want to educate the best candidates possible to work in your industries.  We do not offer every possible analytical service because we are limited in space, manpower and equipment.  The services we offer, however, are conducted in accordance with industry, federal and state governmental/agency requirements.  As we grow and demand justifies it, we will expand our services to continue to advance the quality of our graduates and help you to improve your products.

Services offered

Selected analytical services for carbonated and non-carbonated beverages (including juices, beers and seltzers), wines and distilled spirits are offered through this lab.  Specific tests are listed on the MTSU Marketplace website, a link to which is included below.  Our prices are competitive with the greater analytical service marketplace and are designed to help us cover the costs of operation, including equipment maintenance and replacement, salaries, and supplies.  As a state-supported institution of higher education, we are not profit driven.  All proceeds from the operation of the lab are used to support the educational mission of the lab.

Ordering Instructions

Once you click the “Place an order!” box, you will be taken to the MTSU Marketplace website.  Look for and click the “MTSU Fermentation Analytical Laboratory” icon and you will be taken to a page at which you must select the type of product you wish to have analyzed (Beer or Seltzer, Wine or Distilled Spirit).  Click your choice of product type and a new window will open with a listing of all available tests.  Select the test(s) you wish to have accomplished on your products, one product at a time.  Once your selections have been made, go to your cart to enter payment information.

To ensure sample security and uniformity, once an order is received, coded sample containers and a return shipping address label will be shipped to your address for you to load your product samples into.  These sample containers must be returned overnight (at your expense) for analysis.  Analyses will be processed as quickly as possible, which will generally be 3-5 days.  Samples may be processed faster by paying for expedited service.  To inquire about availability and the cost of this service for any individual test or sample, call 615-898-2421.  Once your sample(s) is (are) received at the lab and analyzed, results will be provided to you via email at the address provided in the order form.

Custom or specialized analyses can be developed on request.  Call 615-898-2421 or email to inquire about these services.


Both BS and MSPS are the only programs in TN and one of less than 5 across the country specifically devoted to the science of Fermentation

Employment opportunities abound worldwide

Examples of career opportunities:  wastewater treatment, food production (e.g. cheese, yogurt, sour cream, salami, pastrami, pepperoni, sauerkraut, kimchi, bread, beer, wine, spirits), probiotic and nutraceutical development and production, local, state and federal inspection and regulation, tobacco processing, industrial chemical production, and Extension service

Degrees don’t limit graduates to any one area—the science is universal.

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Fermentation Analysis